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The company known as is quite a streamlined portal that is easy to use. Its layout is clean and concise; giving customers the most relevant information and presenting a few logical reasons why switching insurance providers may be the best option. It can be viewed from a tablet without any trouble and a smartphone (utilising the Android operating system) displays images properly although scrolling is necessary in lieu of resizing the page. It is also notable that the website loads quickly due to a lack of flash videos or third-party affiliate advertising.


For those searching for a site that clearly states what it has to offer, will prove to be advantageous. It should be particularly noted that this portal has no other navigable links besides the one which takes the visitor to another affiliate comparison site. Thus, amenable prices are very literally a click away. However, there are some potential drawbacks that also should be noted.

Additional Observations

As it appears that the site has not been updated since 2013 (according to the copyright on the bottom of the page), one wonders as to whether it will rank high within Google due to the new stringent Penguin update. Furthermore, there is no direct contact information in regards to the site owner or if the visitor has any additional questions. The text contains several notable grammatical errors; perhaps hinting that it was spun or written hastily. Finally (and perhaps most importantly), it is difficult to ascertain the relationship between the third-party affiliate and

However, the upside is that the affiliate known as appears to be quite an upstanding company. Therefore, there is likely little reason to be concerned from a security or data theft standpoint (the FCA is quite stringent in which affiliates can be associated with a regulated website). As QuoteZone is certified by the Financial Conduct Authority, it appears that Month by Month Car Insurance is indeed a valid company.

Overall Rating

On a scale of one to ten, is given a six. While its layout is clean and it is easy to access from portable devices, a lack of additional information and slight transparency issues may slightly detract from its overall appeal. It is nonetheless worthwhile noting that most customers should have no problem obtaining a reasonable quote and that there are no apparent security issues.

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